Práctica: Reto Dropbox. El Problema de la Dieta

En el sitio web de Dropbox en pueden encontrarse algunos retos de programación.

We get a lot of interest in working at Dropbox but it's not always easy to tell how a person's brain works from a resume. If you're like us, you love a good puzzle. That's why this page is here! It's a great way to share why we love working at Dropbox: innovative thinking, a bit of elbow grease, and some good fun. Who knows? If you knock these puzzles out of the park, we'll have something to talk about when you come in.

Send all submissions to The subject line should match the puzzle name. Please send your code (and any associated makefiles), not the executable.

En esta práctica se trata de resolver el problema de la dieta. En el sitio de Dropbox se describe como sigue:

The Dropbox Diet

Of the boatload of perks Dropbox offers, the ones most threatening to our engineers' waistlines are the daily lunches, the fully-stocked drink fridge, and a full-length bar covered with every snack you could want. All of those calories add up. Luckily, the office is also well-equipped with ping-pong, a DDR machine, and a subsidized gym right across the street that can burn those calories right back off. Although we often don't, Dropboxers should choose the food they eat to counterbalance the activities they perform so that they don't end up with caloric deficit or excess.

Help us keep our caloric intake in check. You'll be given a list of activities and their caloric impact. Write a program that outputs the names of activities a Dropboxer should choose to partake in so that the sum of their caloric impact is zero. Once an activity is selected, it cannot be chosen again.

Casiano Rodriguez León 2015-06-18