n es una herramienta parecida a rvm para Node.js:

$sudo npm install n -g

[~/Dropbox/src/javascript/node.js/creating_modules(master)]$ n help

  Usage: n [options] [COMMAND] [config]


    n                            Output versions installed
    n latest [config ...]        Install or activate the latest node release
    n stable [config ...]        Install or activate the latest stable node release
    n <version> [config ...]     Install and/or use node <version>
    n use <version> [args ...]   Execute node <version> with [args ...]
    n bin <version>              Output bin path for <version>
    n rm <version ...>           Remove the given version(s)
    n prev                       Revert to the previously activated version
    n --latest                   Output the latest node version available
    n --stable                   Output the latest stable node version available
    n ls                         Output the versions of node available


    -V, --version   Output current version of n
    -h, --help      Display help information


    which   bin
    use     as
    list    ls
    -       rm

$ sudo n latest

Casiano Rodriguez León 2015-06-18