Parsing Strings and Trees with Parse::Eyapp
(An Introduction to Compiler Construction)

Casiano Rodriguez-Leon

Dpto. Estadística, I.O. y Computación. Universidad de La Laguna


Parse::Eyapp (Extended yapp) is a collection of modules that extends Francois Desarmenien Parse::Yapp 1.05. Eyapp extends yacc/yapp syntax with functionalities like named attributes, EBNF-like expressions, modifiable default action, automatic abstract syntax tree building, dynamic conflict resolution, translation schemes, tree regular expressions, tree transformations, scope analysis support, and directed acyclic graphs among others.

This article teaches you the basics of Compiler Construction using Parse::Eyapp to build a translator from infix expressions to Parrot Intermediate Representation.

Procesadores de Lenguajes 2010-01-31